> Summary

> Battle your way through endless groups of enemies while leveling up and gathering cards along the way

> All your cards only affect the "user", but you are able to specify who the "user" is

> To proceed far, you will need to juggle the stats of both your character and your enemies in the battles

> Instructions

> Drag and drop the cards onto a target character to make the target use the card

> Do not to let your HP get too high, as it will cause a deadly overflow

> Characters that heals have negative attack

> Credits

Music - Chiptune: Exploration by ansimuz

SFX - Generated by Bfxr

Special thanks to Louis de Bailliencourt for brainstorming gameplay ideas with me

GenreCard Game, Strategy
Made withUnity
TagsPixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly

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